• Long-term contract negotiations have resulted in over $1 million in savings for a large employer group life insurance plan and over $800,000 in savings for large employer group Long Term Disability Plan

  • Successfully negotiated Directors and Officers and Errors and Omissions coverage for an insolvent company

  • Carved out Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Rx programs for numerous clients which have resulted in considerable savings

  • Successfully negotiated with an insurance carrier to buy out self-insured Long Term Disability Liability on two large employer groups

  • Combined professional services with Long Term Disability coverage to manage disability for a large employer group

  • Successfully implemented and partnered on a worksite benefits program for a large employer group

  • Developed several buying alliances that have saved participants over $100,000,000

Success Stories
We measure our own success by the results we generate for our clients.  The following are just a few examples. 

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